Image on white background of a Sontronics ST-POP popshield showing the black circular nylon-mesh pop filter head mounted in a black circular frame connected to a flexible gooseneck that ends in a metal clamp to go on to a microphone stand
A close-up picture on white background of the Sontronics ST-POP popshield showing the black circular nylon-mesh pop filter head facing slightly to the right, connected to a flexible gooseneck that disappears off to the right of the picture
Image on black background of the circular black nylon mesh head of a Sontronics ST-POP popshield with the large white Sontronics logo on the left placed in front of a silver Sontronics Aria microphone

ST-POP popshield

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Improve your vocal recordings and protect the delicate internal workings of your microphone with this indispensable accessory. Featuring a double-layer material screen, the ST-POP is supplied with a spare cartridge which you can swap out when you're cleaning the other for hygiene purposes.

• Must-have accessory for any vocal work
• Reduce sibilance, plosives and mouth noise
Helps your microphone live longer
Perfect for podcasters, singers & voiceover artists 


      Sontronics ST-POP is a professional-quality nylon-mesh popshield that guarantees perfect results for your vocals. The flexible gooseneck arm allows you to position ST-POP wherever you need it and the end clamp will fix to any size mic stand.

      The ST-POP significantly reduces the harshness caused by sibilant sounds from S, Z, SH and CH consonants, and protects the mic from powerful plosives such as Ps and Bs, ensuring that you capture the best possible performance from your voice.

      This essential recording accessory also protects your mic and its delicate capsule from moisture and condensation build-up, allowing your mic to work at its best for longer.

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      • Vocals
      • Voiceover
      • Radio broadcast
      • Podcast
      • Brass


      Product type: Popshield
      Main features: Dual-layer fabric pop filter; flexible gooseneck; mic stand clamp
      Material: Nylon mesh
      Size: 188mm diameter
      Product weight: 478g
      Packaged weight: 611g
      Packaged dimensions: 335 x 218 x 43mm